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pintea® was established in Subang Jaya, Malaysia with a mission to make healthy eating uncomplicated and enjoyable. Our smoothies, juices, and tea are prepared with a refreshing combination of fruits and vegetables, which offer our customers the energy they require to tackle their day and fuel their upcoming expeditions. We continuously strive to improve by introducing new products, adapting to various locations, and offering flexible footprints to create a better future, one fruit at a time.

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$ 7,215,304

Net Sales forthe Year 2022





Why choose us?

Pintea® not fruit juice

Our customers don’t just opt for a regular “fruit juice”, they specifically choose pintea®. By associating with our well-established brand and devoted customer base, you can reap the rewards of our brand recognition.

Pintea® everywhere

We offer our customers the convenience of our customer loyalty app, online ordering, delivery, and catering services, allowing them to bring pintea® along on all their adventures. 

Design and Build

Tailor your pintea® offerings to your specific market with our flexible footprints and receive support in site selection, construction, and design to ensure your success.

In-House Training

Gain Expertise in Running a pintea® Franchise with Specialized Training and Support for You and Your Management Team


The ability to customize certain aspects of your business while still benefiting from the established brand and support of the licensor.

Economies of scale

Economies of scale: As part of a larger network of licensees, you may benefit from economies of scale, such as lower purchasing costs and shared marketing expenses.

Let's Grow Together

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Who We're Looking For

We are seeking individuals who are bold leaders with a desire to build a dynamic business that positively impacts the world. If you are interested in becoming a pintea® licensee, there are additional qualifications you should meet.

You're Experienced

Your extensive experience in an executive or operations role demonstrates your exceptional business acumen.


You should be motivated, dedicated, and willing to put in the time and effort required to make your pintea® business thrive.

You're Passionate

You are passionate about building a successful business that positively impacts the community.

Financial stability

You should have enough financial resources to invest in your pintea® business, including the initial franchise fee, equipment, inventory, and other operating costs.

Commit to Excellence

As a pintea® licensee, you should be willing to maintain and commit the highest standards of quality and customer service.

Ethical Compliance

You should operate your pintea® business with the highest ethical standards, treating your employees, customers, and suppliers with respect and fairness.

Financial Requirement

RM 100,000

Minimum Quick Assets

RM 180,000 - RM 400,000

Estimated Initial Investment for Store

RM 150,000

Minimum Net Worth

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essence of nature

PinTea is a fruity beverage company dedicated to delivering delicious and refreshing drinks to our customers.

From smoothies and juices to milkshakes and teas, we use only the freshest ingredients to create a wide variety of flavors.

Our mission is to provide our customers with a convenient and enjoyable way to quench their thirst for fruity drinks.

Try PinTea today and experience the refreshing taste of our drinks!

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