indulge in the taste of our Doser series

The Doser category offers a dose of energy and nourishment for daily activities. It utilizes the goodness of fresh fruit and fresh milk to create a satisfying beverage that fuels and refreshes. Designed to provide a boost for daily routines, the Doser line combines the natural sweetness of fresh fruit with the creamy richness of fresh milk, offering a wholesome and fulfilling drink to support an active lifestyle.

Strawberry Doser

strawberry, fresh milk


Mango Doser

mango, pinball, fresh milk


Papaya Doser

papaya, fresh milk


Avocado Doser

avocado, fresh milk


Honeydew Doser

honeydew, fresh milk


Banana Doser

banana, sesame paste, fresh milk


Dragonfruit Doser

pitaya, apple, fresh milk


Watermelon Doser

watermelon, fresh milk


essence of nature

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