The Teazer category is the signature series of Pintea, known for its exceptional quality and flavor. These beverages combine the goodness of fresh fruit with premium tea, creating a unique and captivating blend. Since its establishment, the Teazer series has garnered popularity and become the best-selling line, delighting customers with its harmonious fusion of fruity notes and the soothing essence of tea.

Citrus Teazer


orange, lemon, floral, green tea

Whatever your business or interest, citrus will take care of your sickness. High in Vitamin C and antioxidants, it’s a good source of fibre that aids digestion, reduces the risk of colorectal cancer (whatever that is), and keeps your skin looking young. It’s loaded with potassium so if you’ve got too much sodium in your body, this baby will flush it out.

Grapefruit Teazer


grapefruit, floral, green tea

“Who’s bitter?” “Me!” cried the grapefruit. Fear not, dear grapefruit, we’ve infused your natural flavours with our quality tea from the hills, and made you sweet. Almost like a pomelo, kind of like an orange, this amazing fruit is low in calories and high in nutrients – packed with Vitamin A and C, reduces blood sugar level, improves heart health, and helps with weight loss, it’s amazing why the grapefruit isn’t already a star!

Berries Teazer


strawberry, blueberry, floral, green tea

A cultural melting pot of berries from South Korea, Egypt, Australia, and America swirl in a supremely refreshing blend of tea that’s rich in fibre, filled with antioxidants, good for your heart and bones, and keeps your memory sharp. Good for ladies; even better for men. Don’t take our word for it – try it.

Watermelon Teazer


watermelon, zest, highland tea, pinball

Keep yourself hydrated with icy cool watermelon. Its 92% water content is low in calories, prevents cell damage, reduces the risk of cancer, lowers inflammation, and relieves muscle soreness – it’s the perfect pick-me-up after a work-out.

Kiwi Teazer


kiwi, zesty, highland tea

Go green with Kiwi – reduces oxidative stress, manages blood pressure, reduces blood clotting, and protects against vision loss. Sour and sweet, or smooth and silky; either way, it’s going to be a good day.

Mango Teazer


mango, floral, green tea

Clear your skin and protect your eyes with this natural UV filter. Mango contains b-carotene, is able to reduce the risk of asthma, alkalizes your body, helps fight heat stroke, and is great for a romantic night (wink wink).

Signature Teazer


homemade pineapple paste, seven fresh fruits, highland tea

Six different tropical fruits with nearly six times more health benefits blended into one nutritious cup. Taste the zest of pineapples cooked for more than two hours to draw out those sweet natural flavours, and add in the sweet and tangy flavours of passion fruit, kiwi, orange, lemon, and watermelon. What more could you ask for?

Mix Fruit Teazer


six fresh fruits, lavender, black tea

A combination of orange, lemon, kiwi, watermelon, passion fruit, lime, cherry tomato & strawberry gives this drink a balanced flavour. For those who prefer a stronger tea aroma with a hint of fruit flavours, this is the one for you.

Full Lime Teazer


lemon, zesty, lime, plum, floral, green tea

A combination of lemon, lime, tamarind & jasmine green tea, giving you three levels of sourness. Guaranteed to satisfy fans of all things sour.

Pineapple Teazer


homemade pineapple paste, lavender, black tea

Brighten your day with some golden yellow pineapple – improves eye health, has anti-inflammatory properties, supports the immune system, and aids digestion. You don’t need a rainy day to have your sunshine in a cup. We’ve got it covered.

Passion Orange with Yakult®


Passionfruit, orange, highland tea, Yakult®

A combination with a childhood favourite offers a strong passion fruit flavour with mild hints of tea, finely balanced with the sweetness of orange.

Jasmine Lemon with Yakult®


lemon, Zesty, floral, green tea, Yakult®

The sourest drink among our Yogurt Milk Series. An intense lemon flavour with lemon pulp paired with a strong jasmine green tea body.

essence of nature

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